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    Posted January 9th by MenAreHotAdmin in
    CAN ANYONE POST ON MENAREHOT.COM? Anyone can! All you need to do is Register. Once registered and after sending us one, your submission will go directly to our database, and if it will be approved by our team, it will appear on the front page. Since you're using a free service that will drive you traffic, please use one of our banners on your site/blog homepage in order that your submissions to be published. Also try not to break the rules from Terms of Service and Posting Policy. THE POST MUST BE ABOUT WHAT? It can be about almost anything as much as it involves a hot, hot sexy man. Or more! Try not to break the rules from Terms of Service and Posting Policy. HOW DO I POST A LINK? First of all, you must have a website or a blog and select an article from there to share with us. If you do not have one, maybe you’ll share a friend’s article. Try not to break the rules from Terms of Service and Posting Policy. After that, if you are not registered user on MenAreHot.com, you must register first before submitting a link. After registration, log in and click Submit Your Link Here button from the Top Menu. Fill the form and submit the title of the original post, an excerpt from the post, the link of the post, choose one or more categories from MenAreHot.com that match with your post, add an image (see below the image requirements), read the Posting Policy and agree (is required) and then hit SEND. MY IMAGE IS NOT OK! It needs to be a jpg. file 220x190px. If you submit one larger we just scale it down or our software will shrink then crop your image to the required size. The resulting image may not be as you wanted it. If you care how it comes out, we suggest that you should submit an image that is exactly 220x190px. It must be 1MB max. so try to save it like Save for Web. Remember that MenAreHot.com is an image driven website so a better photo means more visitors to your website. Please remember that you MUST give different names to your image files! HOW TO I MAKE A 220X190PX IMAGE? Before sending us the photo you should open it in your image editing application (Photoshop or Paint or Preview). Set your crop tool to 220x190px and crop away. Save it to your desktop with Save for Web or similar command. Use the browse for file in the Upload File section of Submit Your Link Here form. WHAT FILE TYPES OF IMAGES ARE ACCEPTABLE? Classic .jpg only. CAN I SEND OR EMBED A VIDEO IN MY SUBMISSION? You may send us a post about a video, but not upload the video. Embed is not available too because the post will be just a teaser only on our display… the content will be on your site/blog. But if you post an article about a video you must take a screenshot and upload it as a picture. WHERE IS THE POST I JUST SENT? You've submitted your post, but it's not on MenAreHot.com yet? There are a couple of reasons your post might not be visible: 1) Our team didn’t review and approved it. It might take from a few hours to 24 hours. 2) A similar post might have already appeared previously. Please do check before posting, as repeat or similar posts are not published. 3) Your post does not comply with our Terms of Service,Posting Policy or Copyright Issues! 4)You didn't post our banner on your site/blog homepage. Please do not submit your posts more than once. If you don't see your post on MenAreHot.com within about 24 hours, it's likely that your post was rejected. But keep trying with other gorgeous men! I POSTED SOMETHING BUT APPEARS WRONG OR HAS A MISTAKE Report it using the Contact page (tell us the post with errors) and we will look into it/correct it. THAT POST/IMAGE SHOULDN'T BE THERE! Find something that is inappropriate, incorrect, or just not like it? Report it using the Contact page and we will look into it/remove it. Our team will process your request in max. 24 hours. Be aware that sometimes we will not take any action, if we think the post that was reported is ok. CAN I USE THE THINGS I FOUND HERE FOR MY BLOG? Of course! Just link to us please so you can help spread the good word about the fact that Men Are Hot (.com)! I HAVE A USER BUT I CAN’T LOGIN! Oops! Try password recovery from the Login/Register Page. If it won't work then send us a message through theContact Page. Sometimes we terminate your account due to breaking the rules from Terms of Service and Posting Policy. I LOVE YOU! WHAT SHOULD I DO? You can help us spread the good word about the fact that Men Are Hot (.com)! Please put a link for MenAreHot.com on your website or blog. Write a post about this wonderful man display! Or use our gorgeous banners to promote the service you love that much, MenAreHot.com! I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE! HOW CAN I UNREGISTER FROM MENAREHOT.COM? As a Registered User, you may terminate your user account immediately at any time, for any reason, through our Contact page. Also we may terminate your user account immediately at any time, for any reason (especially if you are a naughty boy and break the rules from Terms of Service and Posting Policy). WHO DO I CONTACT IF I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS OR NEED HELP? Send us a message through the Contact page and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

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