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    July 2nd

    We all wish that more cuties work out in their speedos like this guy!!!

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    July 1st

    Standing in front of the camera, the body dancing and moving by the pleasure given by the love of exibitionism, I embark on a frenzied and envious masturabtion.

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    July 1st

    Horned up and not a minute to waste, Cade Maddox and Ryan Rose get down to business in a secluded sundrenched Castro bedroom.

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    June 30th

    Mirror my beautiful mirror, am I the most beautiful? Maybe not but in any case I take great pleasure in showing myself to you.

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    June 30th

    Red hot, fiery passion penetrates through the screen the second scalding hot, Johnny Hands, and Seth Peterson appear

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    June 29th

    New promotional video from the archives here at SpeedoFetish.com. Hot gay couple fucking in the Locker Room after swim training….

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    June 28th

    Hanging out with the Married Guy at the pool caused me an uncontrolled public erection in my speedos. Ever happen to you?

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    June 28th

    Jerome and Niall are joined by Jens Christensen for part 2 of our double day update this week as our resident ‘eager beaver’, so we move from double blond, to triple blond.

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    June 27th

    Woke up this morning, looked down and saw this. Find out what I did about it.

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    June 26th

    This is it! A wildly hot three-way with Carter Dane, Alex Mecum & Manuel Skye together for the first time in camera!

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    June 24th

    Good to see these Aussie Lifeguards wearing their tradition uniform: a tight little red speedo.

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    June 23rd

    Hen meets Ramil. And this beautiful and sexy stallion is very happy to take care of the little twink oriental ass. Ramil makes you want so much.

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    June 22nd

    This Aussie guy (Nathan) is unbelievably hot. Love him posing in his AussieBum speedos.

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    June 21st

    I’d like to introduce you to this young Aussie couple who I’ve been having some fun with.

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    June 21st

    This swim team gets their new uniforms (red speedos) and the coach gives them a close inspection. New Movie of the Week over on my blog… swing by and watch it.

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    June 20th

    Tall, slim, chiseled and tight, Chris Peyton and Jace Myers sizzle with undeniable, cock whore chemistry.

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    June 18th

    Healthofficials are encouraging making love alone as the safest sexualactivity during this pandemic.

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    June 14th

    Troy is really naughty. He likes to take Martin’s cock in his superb little ass. He asks for it again and again and always gets what he asks for.

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    June 13th

    Been for a morning surf, now about to make breakfast and spend the rest of the day in speedos. How is your weekend going guys?

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    June 11th

    This boy is unanimous among young girls in bloom as well as twink lovers. We can doubt the quality of his songs (albeit) but his sex appeal is undeniable.

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    June 10th

    Tony was a big guy… his cock was a monster. I think he was surprised that I was able to take all over it.

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    June 8th

    I love how so many gay guys in porn have speedo tan lines… I’m going to work on mine today.

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    June 8th

    After her first group experience, my neighbour has shared some naughty ideas with me…. she has let me share this pic we took this morning with you guys.

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    June 8th

    My neighbour caught me wearing just a pair of tiny white speedos, but it was all cool and we had a couple of beers.

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    June 6th

    It will always be a good week when we can start off with a 3some withmodls of the calibre of Hoyt, Nils and Torsten, so you can be guaranteedof a great time on BelAmi this week.

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    June 5th

    I’m writing about a recent experience I had with the biggest cock I have ever taken. Details (in all the veiny details) soon on my blog.

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    June 5th

    Check out this Canadian and his speedo tan… who would have thought it aye?

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    June 4th

    One of my favourite photo shoots…. 18yo Luke was thinking about going in to porn and needed some material. Wonder what happened to him?

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    June 3rd

    Perfection is called Beautiful Twinks. If you doubt it, see this series of videos released on Xvideos that show these exciting twinks like hell.

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    May 31st

    My first threesome was in a sauna (with a MF couple) but I’d have enjoyed this.

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    May 31st

    Today’s Speedo Photo of the Day from www.SpeedoFetish.com brings back lots of memories…..

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    May 30th

    What do you like to do while wearing a speeedo? Apart from the obvious of course.

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    May 28th

    A collection of Aussie lifeguard eye candy to finish my Wednesday off….

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    May 27th

    Collection of many embed videos from some gay porn tubes. They made me horny. So maybe you too? Wich one is your favourite ? Maybe it is a difficult choice. Just enjoy.

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    May 27th

    Chinese straight guys who was shaved and smooth body with big fat cock, first time got handjobs and blowjobs for each other, doing gay sex to made cumshots at last.

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    May 25th

    Hayden Lee, Torsten Ullman, Jerome Exupery, Dylan Maguire, Andy Star, Angel Rivera, Cade Maddox, Gino Mosca, Hoyt Kogan, Dylan Hall, are the really best twinks and men of the day.

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    May 24th

    Rachel picked up a guy for her fiance then watched the guys fuck in front of her.

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    May 23rd

    Lots of gay porn stars have speedo tan lines…. why do I only cum across old guys at the beach when I’m working on my speedo tan?

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    May 22nd

    Hitchhiker Logan Cross is thumbing his way down the highway looking for more than just a ride.

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    May 18th

    New promo gallery for my site SpeedoFetish.com…. darn I love college waterpolo players!!!

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    May 17th

    Is there anything hotter than two guys wearing speedos making out?

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    May 17th

    Beautiful day here on the beach, just hanging out in my first pair of AussieBum speedos. Time for some bevvies and maybe a root???

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    May 15th

    C’mon guys, admit it. Who has one of these sex toys? I’ve destroyed mine hahaha.

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    May 14th

    Just four Aussies hanging out on Easter Monday having a few drinks and talking about our sexual experiences…. then we created an experience I doubt any of us will forget.

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    May 13th

    If you ever wanted to learn how to have gay sex underwater… just watch this ‘instructional’ video.

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    May 11th

    Read how today, my fuck buddies Alex and Adam made me the girl.

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