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    Posted August 4th by brandimcnish28 in Business::Entrepreneurs

    Over masturbation or excessive hand practice can cause many ill-effects on the health and bent penis is one of them.

    Slight bend or curvature is quite common in males and it is estimated that large percentage of males possess minor bend, but due to its negligible angle it hardly creates any problem and sometimes goes away on its own. But when this bend is more it creates lot of problems in penetration and sometimes the bend is such that it makes normal lovemaking activity impossible.

    Some people having bigger bend also experience pain in the male organ when it is erect and this pain does not allow them to remain erect and disrupts the lovemaking activity before it begins. Medically bend in the male organ is not considered as harmful to health, the problems associated with it are harmful for relationship and disruptive for leading normal life.

    Masturbation is an unnatural way of achieving satisfaction by self-stimulation, though within limits it is considered as healthy behavior but moment it crosses the limit it starts casting its adverse effects on health.

    Excessive hand practice strains delicate tissues in the penile shaft which are vital for causing a firm and long lasting erection. These tissues absorb blood during arousal and get stiff and enlarged, due to excessive hand practice the blood carrying vessels and tissues get swollen due to firm grip of hand and regular jerking, this can cause dead tissues or constricted blood vessels which promote imbalanced enlargement of tissues during erection. The male organ in such condition bends towards the direction of such tissues during erection.

    Male penis is not made up of muscles it comprises of delicate tissues, blood carrying vessels and dribbble tendons.

    These organs get stretched and swollen when too much and frequent pressure is applied on to them and this type of pressure and strain is applied quite frequently by males indulged in excessive hand practice. During masturbation a male applies pressure on the organ in the opposite direction of his working hand; it is believed that a right handed man would push his male organ towards left which can cause bending damage.

    In such condition the penis curvature is evident even when it is not erect.

    The blood carrying vessels get constricted due to swelling or weak flow of blood due to imbalanced hormonal activity or sluggish response of the nerves to signals of the brain. The weaker blood supply does not provide ample blood to the tissues which causes imbalanced enlargement of tissues and also lack of blood supply can lead to scar tissue which is a collection of dead tissues.

    These tissues are hard and inflexible and cause penis curvature. People in order to prolong the hand practice or increase the joy and pleasure use different techniques like avoiding ejaculation by gripping the male organ or by bending and curling the organ during erection. These types of techniques can make delicate tendons snap; such a condition can cause curvature and also in severe conditions may not allow any erection in future due to physical damage.

    Booster capsules and Mast Mood oil offers excellent herbal treatment to straighten bent penis due to over masturbation. Proven and time-tested herbs are used in Booster capsules to correct penile curvature and help to enjoy intimate moments with your lady friend.

    It heals the nerves damaged in your male organ due to excessive hand practice. You should massage your male organ with Mast Mood oil along with intake of Booster capsules regularly to improve stamina and ensure quality erection.

    First, this wouldn't be the first time Apple has released a pink iPhone. The iPhone 5C, released in 2013, was available in pink. 2018's iPhone XR came in coral, and the iPhone 6S from 2015 was sold in rose gold. Pink has been a popular color for tech ever since. Just this past February, Samsung also released phantom pink and phantom violet models of its flagship Galaxy S21 phone, with a more metallic sheen than the iPhone 13 render.

    Columns - These is where the real meat of your content can be found. It's going to be very important to decide how many columns you'll want your posts displayed on. One column may leave your page looking too sparse and lacking.

    Three columns may be too much of an info dump for your visitors. This all depends on your content though, so it's entirely up to you.

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